Would revised parking fees leave gap in Surrey County Council budget?

Yesterday, the BBC reported that revised parking fees would leave Nottingham council budget with a £220, 000 shortfall in its budget.

If Surrey County Council were to scrap parking fees in the county how would they make up the shortfall?

Here’s food for thought…

On this forum we have already mentioned:

Surrey County Council has 1,496 free parking spaces costing £4.36mn per year.

One resident in a letter to Surrey County Council made reference to the salary of David McNulty, Chief Executive of Surrey County Council. (This was the letter SCC Haslemere Parking – letter from Highercombe Road resident.)

From the Surrey Advertiser on 16th February 2012, Council chief’s salary among highest in the country. (The article doesn’t give a breakdown of benefits and perks)

David McNulty, the county council’s chief executive, will earn the equivalent of £213,040 this year despite services across Surrey being pinched.

The salary is £63,000 more than Prime Minister David Cameron and almost £80,000 more than the average council chief executive.

This is what The Taxpayers Alliance had to say about David McNulty’s salary last year.

And don’t forget some of the points made on this forum yesterday by The Taxpayers Alliance (TPA) about Surrey County Council, that a Conservative-run Council that has voted to increase the Council Tax by 2.99% and where over the past 10 years residents in have already seen their Council Tax bills increase by 72%:

There were at least 19 staff who received more than £100,000 at the authority in 2009/10.

Councillors’ allowances at Surrey County Council cost taxpayers £1,582,000 in 2010-11.

Taxpayers paid (via employer contributions) £32,124,000 to the Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) at Surrey County Council in 2010-11, an increase of £453,000 from the previous year.

55 councillors in Surrey have enrolled themselves on the LGPS. Many authorities choose not to allow councillors on to the scheme, recognising the historically volunteer role of local politicians.

The estimated cost of union officials at Surrey Council is £284,743, these are staff paid for by taxpayers but work for the trade unions. This does not include the cost of other support provided such as office space or the administration of union fees.

Surrey Police Authority are increasing the size of their Council Tax precept, further adding to each household’s bill.

The TPA have previously highlighted other areas of wasteful spending by Surrey County Council including articles such as ‘The cost of mobile phones’. (There are currently in excess of 5,000 mobile phones and Blackberrys allocated to staff across the County, with a total monthly bill on average in excess of £60,000 for calls. It is unclear who has responsibility for monitoring the usage of mobile phones and Blackberrys. Editor’s note: I wonder if staff pay tax for perks such as premium rate numbers, roaming and international calls).

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