@WaverleyBC’s Parking Portfolio Holder says we’re getting a really good deal.

In a previous blog post, we wrote a transcription of the Wey Hill Fairground car park discussion, Item 15.

In that item, Cllr Carole King, the Parking Portfolio Holder said:

… the charges were only increased in one of the four car parks in Haslemere <earlier this year> and that is still below the recommended management fee for that car park. So, they’re still getting a really good deal there.

This is incorrect.

In February 2012, car park charges in Haslemere were increased in three car parks. Charging hours were extended. Season ticket prices increased in two car parks. New Saturday charging was introduced in Weydown Road car park.

Take a look at this document which shows by how much and where parking charges were increased in Haslemere in February 2012.

When pointing out to Waverley Borough Council that Cllr King’s statement is misleading, a spokesperson for Waverley Borough Council, on behalf of Cllr King, has said:

When stating that charges went up in only one Haslemere Car Park last year, Cllr King was referring to the base 1-hour charge as it is the only comparable rate in car parks that are in differing categories. The first (and indeed second hour) charge remained static in Chestnut Avenue, Tanners Lane and Weydown Rd car parks – only increasing at High St Haslemere.

The 12 month season ticket price in Chestnut Avenue car park increased by 22.5%.

The 12 month season ticket price in Weydown Road car park increased by 9%.

Charging hours were extended in the Waitrose car park, Weydown Road car park and Chestnut Avenue car park from 6pm to 7pm.

A 4 hour stay in the Waitrose car park increased by 46%.

8, 9, 10 hour stays in the Chestnut Avenue car park increased by 14%, 28% and 43% respectively.

Stays of between 3 hours and 10 hours were increased by 14% in the Weydown Road car park.

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