Where have we heard about Haslemere town council & allotments before?

A letter in the Haslemere Herald today stated that Haslemere Town Council was formally responsible for allotments and Christmas lights. It reminded the haslemereparking.com team that we’d heard something similar to that before. It was in a Letter of concern to David Hodge – Haslemere Parking with Cllr Steve Renshaw’s comments made about allotments, which was published on the parking website more than a year ago.

I found Cllr Renshaw’s reference to HTC’s role in the town unnecessarily dismissive and derogatory (‘you must understand that all they are responsible for is some allotments and a bit of grass cutting’ said Cllr Renshaw in an email to me), as the town councillors with whom I am acquainted have nothing but the best interests of the residents and businesses at heart and are always willing to work positively towards practical solutions. I would be interested to know on what he based his judgement of them ‘adopting a position of defence and isolation’.

Cllr Steve Renshaw is currently the Surrey County Councillor for Haslemere. He will not be standing for election in May 2013. The election will take place in 62 days.  Click here to read the letter in full.

A year ago today, we published this letter from Transition Haslemere on the Haslemere Parking website which commended Haslemere Town Council’s response of 10 February to Surrey County Council’s parking proposals, where they hoped that Haslemere Town Council would be successful in getting the SCC proposals set aside to allow for full and proper local consultation. Read Transition Haslemere’s letter here.

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