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We researched what people on Twitter are saying about the parking proposals. For readers who are tweeters there’s a hashtag #haslemereparking. This list is not a full summary of every tweet out there (it would take too long) but we searched for and against. It’s in the public domain so anyone can make a search. Other than one single tweet (at the time of writing) saying there’s a parking problem in Kings Road, there is significant opposition to the parking changes.

On the subject of Kings Road, someone who goes by the name of @Lynchie wrote two tweets summed as one below in reply to another Haslemere tweeter. (It is not known if he is a resident of Kings Road)

re: haslemere parking, something needs to be done down Kings Road, they park everywhere! thats about all my thoughts on it! although havent looked into the details too much….

A selection of tweets against…

The mass demonstration in Haslemere High Street last Saturday made front page news in The Surrey Advertiser. You can follow them on twitter. This is their tweet:

Haslemere out in force for pay-and-display protest. Article.

The Haslemere Volunteer Centre is on Twitter too. They’ve posted several tweets about the parking proposals. You can follow them on twitter. We love that their most recent tweet (at the time of writing this post) gives this forum a thumbs up. Here’s a selection of their tweets:

A central ‘hub’ for the Haslemere parking fiasco. http://haslemereparking.com/ ‘LIKE’

Don’t forget today (Editor’s note *today* being 10th Feb) is the deadline to oppose the daft parking meters in Haslemere. Let Jeremy Hunt and Surrey Council know we mean NO!

Please can you all ensure you have signed the petition about the outrageous parking proposals in Haslemere.

Haslemere needs a good transport infrastructure not parking meters!

John Hodge, a Haslemere-ite, exclaimed in a tweet to Jeremy Hunt, Waverley Council and Surrey County Council:

There had been no consultation for parking changes in Haslemere. You need to listen to residents

Jeremy Hunt sent a reply to the tweet above to John, Waverley Council and Surrey Council. This is Jeremy Hunt on twitter. That tweet said:

Which is exactly what I have been doing this week prior to meeting with Cllr Renshaw next Friday (Editor’s note, next Friday being 10th Feb.)

The Haslemere Normans*, a group of Haslemere-based mums, who are training for a charity event in May have written many tweets speaking against the parking proposals. Also tweeting either against the proposals or asking people to sign the online petition are some local Haslemere organisations including the Haslemere Museum, Haslemere Hall, High Lane Community Centre, Haslemere Pet Co, Woodie & Morris, Eden Hair & Design, The Rainbow Rooms. Also opposition from @phil_cb* (Haslemere resident), @PerfidusAlbion (Haslemere resident), The Haslemere Fringe, Ian Moodie (resident) and Alexander (not known if he lives in Haslemere but one tweet reveals he’s the son of Haslemere Town Mayor, Jim Edwards).

And the one that made the Editor smile, not expressing an opinion either way, The Haslemere Town Crier wrote last Saturday after the protest march:

Had to call order this pm. Haslemere against proposed parking charges. Cllr Dover thought my boots were patent leather. Honest Polish Sir

*Declaration of interest. Editor, Áine Hall, is tweeting as @HaslemereNorman. System Administrator is tweeting as @phil_cb. At the time of writing we have never met in person but through twitter we got talking about parking. We both oppose the changes to the parking on the grounds that there has been consultation. We do not want parking meters, however, we have differing views around residents’ permits, station car parks, green solutions etc. We respect those differences of opinion.

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