Wey Hill fairground car park reprieve

On 9th July, in a blog post, we wrote that Waverley Borough Council had agreed to seek consent to introduce Wey Hill car park charges

You’ll remember the discussion (Item 10 of the Waverley Borough Council Executive Tuesday 3rd July 2012) lasted less than 2 minutes and did not mention the introduction of charging. The council decided to proceed with the submission of an application for Common Land Consent in order to refurbish the Wey Hill fairground car park and introduce charging. Click here for a webcast of Item 10.

The Haslemere Herald reports on their front page of today’s paper that, due to residents’ concerns, Waverley’s overview and scrutiny committee called in the decision in their meeting on Tuesday 7th August. The article, written by Beatrice Phillpotts, states they have exercised their right to request that Waverley’s executive should reconsider its decision when it meets next month. The article, Hope For A Parking Reprieve, is behind the Haslemere Herald paywall.

The reprieve is a public consultation to be extended to 6 weeks.

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