Wey Hill car park refurbishment forecasts revenue of £117,000 per annum

Here is a copy of Waverley Borough Council’s Draft Capital Programme 2012/2013.

Some items …

Identify any efficiency gains resulting from the project:
This project will secure an income for Waverley in the years to come. (Editor’s note £117,000 per annum).

Identify any risks which may effect the project:
Adverse weather conditions may delay the project
There may be some local opposition to the proposal to introduce charges at the car park, and traders
and car park users are likely to object to any temporary closures to enable the works to take place.

Environmental Impact, including Carbon Implications:
Services that use electricity such as the new lighting and ticket machines required for the site can be
installed with low carbon options

No attempt to reduce the number of cars on the road, no public transport solutions, a reliance on the motor car, no cycle routes, no plan to regenerate Wey Hill. No!  But, low carbon lighting options…