We’re having a holiday

Here are a couple of changes to the haslemereparking.com website which we hope will not inconvenience too many readers.

The Wey Hill (Fairground) car park consultation reached its conclusion on 5th April. The Planning Inspectorate will collate the feedback and send it to Waverley Borough Council for review. The council will have 21 days to respond. There will be a Waverley Borough Council review of the Chestnut Avenue parking charges and charging hours in October. Surrey County Council’s next parking review will be in the autumn. As we do not anticipate very many parking updates in the coming month, we are taking a few weeks’ holiday from the subject of parking.

In addition there’s a small backlog of comments as, being currently on crutches, I’ve not been able to do as much as I’d like. To manage this difficulty, we disabled the comment function. I  am grateful to the volunteer who has helped out over the past few weeks.

We wish all five Haslemere candidates success running their campaigns in the Surrey County Council elections. The haslemereparking.com team is supporting Nikki Barton in her campaign as Independent candidate for Haslemere.

Follow Nikki on twitter on @VoteNikkiBarton.

Her website is www.haslemerefirst.com.

Join the conversation on the Nikki Barton – Haslemere First Facebook page.

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