@WaverleyBC to up fees in Waitrose car park again next year

The Waverley Borough Council Executive meets next week on 2nd October 2012.

This is the agenda which includes two parking items for Haslemere. The first item is covered here. The next item (Wey Hill fairground car park) is in our next blog post.


[This item contains a petition of 1,000 signatures that will be submitted at the meeting and in accordance with the petition scheme, the organiser will be given a maximum of four minutes to present the petition.]

The Car Park Review 2011 made a number of recommendations which were approved by Council on 13 December 2011, many of which were implemented on 1 February 2012. The outstanding actions are being addressed by the report at Appendix A.

These concern:-
1) A six month review of the use of the car parks at … Chestnut Avenue, Haslemere:-
2) The car park charges at High Street, Haslemere:,


Chestnut Avenue: It is recommended that no change is made to the current tariff or charging hours.


High Street, Haslemere (Waitrose car park): It is recommended that the tariff increase at High Street Haslemere should be implemented with effect from 1 April 2013.

You may be interested to see how parking charges increased in Haslemere car parks in February 2012.

In CAR PARK REVIEW 2011 – OUTSTANDING ITEMS for the Executive meeting here are a few points:

41. Until a petition was raised by a representative of the Haslemere Chamber of Commerce in July, the borough-wide extension to the charging period <in Chestnut Avenue car park> had been generally well received.

49. The Car Park Review 2011, identified that shoppers were frequently circling the <Waitrose> car park to find a parking space. On 1 February 2012, the High Street car park was designated as a Prime Site because of its high level of use. The appropriate tariff should have been applied in February 2012 to help to manage the parking space so that the shopper and visitor have a higher expectation of finding a space. However, to ease the change a midway position was applied in February 2012 so that the increase could be spread across more than one financial year.

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One Response to @WaverleyBC to up fees in Waitrose car park again next year

  1. Paul M says:

    Makes perfect sense. We live in a market economy, so prices should represent a balance of supply and demand. In the “Waitrose” car park, clearly the supply is finite and the demand has increased – I too have circled this car park looking for a space before acknowledging that it would be more sensible to go to Chestnut Ave or Tanner’s Lane even though that means walking about another 100 yards back into town.

    Higher prices at “Waitrose” could of course finance a reduction at Tanner’s lane etc, or it could finance a decent provision of spaces for the disabled. Who knows, it could even finance a proper 21st century payment system so you don’t have to carry sacks of small change around so you can actually pay the charges.

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