Waverley have turned down an application for a fun fair licence in Waitrose car park, citing loss of income

Dear Editor

As traders, we have noticed a significant downturn in turnover since the 1st February, coincidental with the introduction of higher and extended parking charges in the central (Waitrose) car park. I will be collecting more information from businesses about this in due course.

The latest outrage is that Waverley Borough Council have turned down an application for a licence to put the fun fair in that car park on Charter Fair day, one of the reasons cited being loss of income to them!  The Charter Fair has been taking place for over 20 years.  The licence applicants have been told that the decision was taken by Paul Wenham, assistant Chief Executive and Carole King, Parking Portfolio Holder and, you guessed it, a Councillor for Haslemere!  So now, not only has she not seen fit to warn anyone about the impending increase in charges and times but she appears to be actively discouraging the events that make this town the vibrant and community based place it is.  Thanks for nothing Waverley!!!



Julianne Evans

J L Nobbs Ltd


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3 Responses to Waverley have turned down an application for a fun fair licence in Waitrose car park, citing loss of income

  1. AndrewLoves says:
  2. Richard says:

    I agree, its outrageous, Waverley seems to have forgotten who elects them and who pays the officers.
    For a number of years part of the High Street Car Park has been used during the Charter Fair as a fairground, and a showground for vintage vehicles. The Charter Fair is organised and run by volunteers from Haslemere and surrounding villages and has been running every 2 years since it was reinstated 1984 and the fair enables a large number of charities to raise essential funds through running stalls etc.
    This deserves the full support of Waverley BC, and should not be used as a way of raising more parking revenue for the council at the detriment of the town.

    Is Waverley’s aim to take away all that is good in this town, shame on Paul Wenham and Carole King

  3. haslemerian says:

    Waverley BC should be careful what it wishes for. A loss of income can easily be arranged in the form of a parking boycott.

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