@WaverleyBC could use Twitter to get views re. Wey Hill fairground car park consultation

On Twitter in the past few days,

Waverley Borough Council have written this tweet

Deadline to comment on the proposed Core Strategy for the borough approaches. #Have Your Say

and they have written this tweet

@SurreyCouncil want your views on their draft flood proposal. Consultation is open until 30 Nov #haveyoursay

and this one

Give us your views on our plans for Broadwater Park. Drop-in event on Mon 24 Sept 5pm-8pm at Broadwater Park Community Centre GU7 3BH.

and this one

Council Tax Reduction Scheme consultation is now open until 6 Nov

and this one

Latest news Have your say on proposals for new council tax reduction scheme

In Haslemere, a 6 week pre-consultation for the Wey Hill fairground car park was agreed by the Waverley Executive. That was on the 4th September. Twitter would be a great way to publish details of the consultation.

Has anyone heard anything about the consultation?

1 comment for “@WaverleyBC could use Twitter to get views re. Wey Hill fairground car park consultation

  1. Editor
    22/09/2012 at 11:38

    This blog post automatically sent a message to WaverleyBC via their twitter feed. And they replied saying:

    “@HaslemereP The consultation has not started yet. As soon as it is open, we will tweet details of how people can get involved.”

    That is very pleasing as the Parking Portfolio Manager for Waverley had (in a conversation on 2nd March) shown a lack of interest in social media dismissing residents’ views on this blog as “twittering in the ether”.

    They are residents’ views. Residents are voters.

    (“I urge you to take heed of what you dismiss as “twittering in the ether”. In the absence of proper car park consultation, it seems that the vehicle of social media is the only voice Haslemere residents have. If there are documents that you feel would help residents, or dates for consultation, we will happily share those in the forum.” http://haslemereparking.com/common-land-at-weyhill-has-received-consent-to-be-re-surfaced-has-waverleybc-sought-consent-for-a-car-park/)

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