@WaverleyBC anticipates £100K – £120K per annum from Wey Hill Car Park

Here is the Service Plan – Environmental Services 2013-2014 that was reviewed during the 12th March 2013 Joint Community & Corporate Overview & Scrutiny Committees. The meeting agenda and Services Plans appeared online today, 8 days after the meeting. I notified WBC twice they were not online.

Points related to parking in 1. Service Plan Overview 2013/14 include:

Using new technologies to create a modern, cost-effective and customer-friendly parking service;

Delivering a range of agreed car parking projects (including the refurbishment of Wey Hill Car Parks) and continuing to review the impact of the Car Park Review 2011;

The procurement of a new Parking Services Contract, covering Civil Enforcement, Cash Collection, Counting and Banking, by April 2014;

Developing a more efficient, effective and customer-focused Environmental Health Service through better use of mobile technology, and the development of greater customer insight;

On the Wey Hill (Fairground) Car Park (ES 5.1, pages 8-9), Desired outcome / Objective: Deliver agreed car parking projects and continuously review the impact of the Car Park Review 2011

Action(s): Wey Hill Car Park refurbishment- submit and obtain Common Land Consent for works

Timescales / Deadlines: Informal consultation concludes Dec 2012. Formal application submitted (with attendant consultation) in Jan 2013 Tender process prepared ready for application outcome. Depending upon decision timetable and outcome, charges introduced by Feb 2014.

Lead Officer: Robert Anderton/Margaret Jerome

Resource Implications Cap/Rev: £342,000 capital scheme. Additional £1,500 for consultation (+ £20k contingency for public inquiry). Anticipated annual income post-completion of £100-120k per annum depending on agreed tariff structure.

Success Criteria/Measures: Robust consultation process carried out. ‘Common Land Consent’ obtained for the project. Refurbishment project delivered. Amendment to Parking Order made to enable introduction of charging, including further statutory consultation.

On the High Street Waitrose Car Park (ES 5.3, pages 9):

Action(s): Introduce agreed tariff changes at High Street, Haslemere to align with other ‘prime’ sites.

Timescales / Deadlines: Revised Tariff introduced April 2013

Lead Officer: Margaret Jerome

Resource Implications Cap/Rev: Officer time. Will result in increased income of approx. £10,000 per annum.

Success Criteria/Measures: Amended tariff structure introduced.

On Chestnut Avenue Car (ES 5.5, page 9)

Action(s): Carry out a 12-month review of charging arrangements at Chestnut Ave Car Park, Haslemere and Station Lane Car Park, Milford as agreed by Executive

Timescales / Deadlines: Report to O&S and Executive October 2013

Lead Officer: Margaret Jerome

Resource Implications Cap/Rev: Officer time.

Success Criteria/Measures: Reviewed carried out.