@WaverleyBC actually say car park charging and hours have ‘otherwise been well received’

Dear Editor

As if the shambles that is the Surrey County Council ‘consultation’ wasn’t enough, we now have the so-called ‘Review’ of parking in Haslemere by Waverley Borough Council, now available on their website and due to be discussed at the next Executive meeting on 2nd October 2012.

In their wisdom, they have decided that letters from the Museum, Haslemere Hall and residents as well as a petition containing over 1,000 signatures (which could have gained more if we had continued to collect them up until now) count for nothing because the changes to car park charging and hours have ‘otherwise been well received’!!

Rarely have I seen a more extraordinarily untrue statement.

This could only have been written by someone who is clueless about how the people of Haslemere really feel.

This is not democracy, this is self-serving money grabbing by people keener on their salaries than serving the community they claim and are supposed to represent.

Best wishes


Julianne Evans

President, Haslemere Chamber of Trade



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Subject: Waverley Parking Review

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5 Responses to @WaverleyBC actually say car park charging and hours have ‘otherwise been well received’

  1. Paul M says:

    “Rarely have I seen a more extraordinarily untrue statement”

    How do you know this? I don’t know whether it is true or not, but then I haven’t seen what other responses they have had from Haslemere residents besides those you refer to.

    Can you be so sure you know how the people of Haslemere really feel? The town has a population of 15,612 according to Wikipedia. That means that at least 14,612 residents have not signed your petition, and possibly more because perhaps not all the signatories are residents here. Those who did not sign the petition are of course not by definition on the other side – they may simply not have seen the petition, or not be the petition-signing sort – but in the absence of a counter-petition (an inherently unlikely thing) you don’t know how many people would have petitioned the other way.

    We do of course know that a certain number of people in a small sample of residential streets responded to the council in favour of proposals for ROPs which Haslemereparking.com opposes. While not many in number, they accounted for 2/3rds of the people who took the time to respond.

    This has nothing whatever to do with money-grabbing. Surrey CC is prohibited from spending the money they raise on anything other than parking management, whether that be to manage the permit system, to “police” illegal or incosiderate parking, or to provide additional on-street parking spaces.

    • AW1957 says:

      We can be sure that 2 people wrote in support. I guess Paul M was one supporter as the content of supporter PM – http://haslemereparking.com/wp-content/uploads/CP_Review_-_Annexe_3_-_Haslemere.pdf – seems to be similar to things you have written here. It’s not even worth reaching for the calculator to work that out as a percentage of the population.

      Objections came from the town mayor, Haslemere Museum, Haslemere Hall, a local business (Theatre Monkeys) and 21 residents. There was also a petition against signed by 1,000 people.

      I regret my wife and I didn’t get our act together to object.

      I think therefore it is reasonable for Julianne Evans to be shocked that Waverley have the audacity to claim the changes to car park charging and hours have ‘otherwise been well received’.

  2. Editor says:

    Dear Paul M

    You write:

    “ROPs which Haslemereparking.com opposes”

    haslemereparking.com is an open, sensible and democratic forum to share information and opinion about parking in Haslemere. It is a mechanism to encourage debate.

    haslemereparking.com has never expressed a view supporting or opposing ROPs.

  3. Richard says:

    I have not heard one person in support of increased parking charges or extended hours in the Haslemere Car Parks. It certainly has not been “well received” by any of our customers! We have only received complaints, disgruntlement and loss of clients.

    In Waverley speak, if a full local consultation can mean a note to Waitrose in Bracknell, perhaps, “been well received” really means that Haslemere has not had a full blown riot, and marched on Waverley Offices!

  4. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Paul M – this is an enjoyable debate across all aspects of cars in Haslemere – but are you just arguing this point for the sake of it?

    If you raise the price and extend the hours – it seems unlikely that anyone would actually support that, unless the service was being improved – for instance, it may be ‘well received’ if the council also said:

    1. We won’t leave the car park 3 inches deep in ice this winter for 2 weeks
    2. We will keep the car park in good order
    3. We will introduce new machines and better ways to pay
    4. We will build a road crossing at the Museum and at the Entertainer toy shop

    But larger cost for nothing – you don’t need a counter petition for that.

    It is all money money money, with no improvement. I’d even support the bonkers SCC yellow lining doomsday scenario (the one where we are restricting all parking within 1 mile of the station just so about 16 people or so can have permits in ‘their’ roads – even though it is not ‘theirs’ at all) if they would put a zebra crossing in the high street, and one in Grayswood as recommended in the expensive A286 external review in 2008…

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