Waverley Borough Council defers application for Wey Hill Fairground

Wey Hill Fairground Car Park – Waverley agrees to wait for Haslemere Vision

We have deferred our application for modernisation works at Wey Hill to allow Haslemere Town Council and Haslemere Vision time to develop their proposals as part of their Neighbourhood Plan.

Published Wednesday, 26 February 2014 by Waverley Borough Council


With the intention of improving the amenity from its current status as an eyesore for local shoppers and visitors to the town, and formalising the site to provide much-needed parking in Wey Hill, Waverley submitted an application in February 2013 that would deliver a better quality surface, security measures and disabled parking provision.

Listening to feedback about the Wey Hill Fairground Car Park

Initial feedback on Waverley’s proposal was mixed, focusing on concerns about charging for parking and suggestions that the plans didn’t go far enough.

More recently however, local stakeholders have given a clear message that they wish to be given the time to put together alternative plans for their vision for the land and Waverley has listened to this.

The Leader of the Council, Cllr Robert Knowles said: “The views of local people are an essential part of Waverley’s decision making and whilst it has taken until now for the views of local people to crystallise, it is now clear that the people of Haslemere wish to have some time to pull together their vision for this area. Whilst I must advise the Haslemere community that, as common land and a former refuse tip, scope to develop this site beyond our proposal is likely to be limited.

I am pleased to confirm that Waverley will be deferring its application and I look forward to considering alternative proposals from the community when they are submitted.”

More information

Find out more about the Wey Hill car park review at: Changes to car parks in Waverley.

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