Transcription of the Haslemere Hall meeting called by Haslemere Town Council posted a YouTube link to the Haslemere Hall meeting on Tuesday, 24th January 2012 yesterday.

The Town Mayor, Jim Edwards, had called and then chaired a public meeting for Haslemere residents to meet, listen and put questions to Surrey Councillor, Steve Renshaw. This is where we were heard of the Straw Man proposals around parking in Haslemere.

A transcription for the meeting has been produced (at no charge) by a Haslemere resident who owns a company called John Larking Verbatim Reporters.

Thirteen straw men later and from the transcript we read the meeting closed in this way…

COUNCILLOR RENSHAW: Yes, that was the point I was going to make because I think from my side, because I think it’s important to say what I’ve got from this evening. I’ve got a very firm view and I am very empathetic or sympathetic to the views of the retail sector. There are mixed views with regards to  commuters and residents, but there seems to be a degree of requirement to have emphasis on perfecting residents. And I support totally the view that we have a multi-storey station car park. It’s been a long evening. But I would underline the Mayor’s exhortations that putting up hands here don’t actually carry anything. What you need to do is actually write to Surrey County Council to the parking team because that’s what a —- (dissent).

SPEAKER: You’re meant to take the message back. You’re our Councillor, for God’s sake.


SPEAKER: (Not audible)

JIM EDWARDS: Thank you. Thank you very much.

COUNCILLOR RENSHAW: I can take the message back but as part of a statutory consultation people need to write in. I’m sorry, that’s the way it works.

JIM EDWARDS: Can I please call an end to the meeting now? Thank you for coming and have a nice evening. Safe journey home. Thank you. (Applause).

This is the  FULL TRANSCRIPTION of the public meeting held on Tuesday, 24th January 2012 at Haslemere Hall –  Haslemere_Town_Council_Meeting_24 1 12 (4).

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