Today is the LAST day to object to @SurreyCouncil parking proposals for our town

From The Haslemere Parking Action Group:

Today is the LAST day to object to the Surrey County Council parking proposals for our town.  The proposals will take away 70 spaces where we all park by introducing extensive double yellow lining and residents only bays, making the parking WORSE not better.  They will affect us ALL without making any attempt to address the parking problems we face in the town.

If you are a patient at the Haslemere Hospital or the Health Centre and the on site car park is full, you will NOT be able to park on Beech Road between 11.30am and 2pm.  The whole length of Beech Road will be residents only parking.  If patients are unable to park and attendance falls,  the future of the Hospital, which is already constantly under threat, may be further undermined.

The plans for painting yellow lines on the widest part of Three Gates Lane are unnecessary, are opposed by many residents and will cause quite unnecessary displacement.

If you park in front of Costa Coffee, Haslemere High Street, to visit the chemist, the book shop, buy a coffee etc there will no longer be parking for 5 or 6 cars, there will only be 2 parking spaces.  Cars will no longer be able to park at an angle, they will have to park parallel to the pavement.

If you park in front of the row of shops on Shepherds Hill, again you will no longer be able to park at an angle, you will have to park parallel to the pavement.  This will reduce the number of spaces on Shepherds Hill from the current 7 or 8 spaces to approximately 4 spaces.   Removing more of the limited free on street parking will make it even more difficult for our independent shops to survive.

SCC will only drop these proposals if we write and object.  In order for your objection to be counted, it must be specific and object to individual items in the proposals.  Maps and information about the proposals can be found here.

The deadline is 5pm today.  Letters using the reference 11732/14180/WAV/AK should be sent to, with a copy to the Leader of SCC, David Hodge at  To make sure there is a record of all objections please send a copy to the Haslemere Town Council,

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