This was How Life Mags announced last Saturday’s mass demonstration

Life Magazines help the local community to live, work and play together. Their website states they provide connectivity in the communal effort through local publications, community websites and other local services.
They wrote:
“On Saturday 4 February there will be a mass demonstration against the proposed parking regulations in Haslemere.
The demonstration will start at 3pm outside the Town Hall and members of the public are invited to show their support for the campaign.

Residents can also show their support by sending their objections to the council by email to (copy your email to ) or by writing to:  Surrey County Council, Traffic Regulation Order Team, High Street, Merrow Lane, Guildford GU4 7BQ.

The chamber are also asking people to sign a petition online

“We have so far gathered nearly 2000 signatures in shops and businesses but
we need more so get anyone you know who has ever parked in the town to sign,” Julianne Evans, Chamber President explains.

If you would like to gain more paper copies, email Julianne Evans.

See below where the Haslemere Chamber of Trade outline why they believe that Surrey’s parking proposals should be dropped:

¥    The current proposals have been made by SCC to address the £0.5M deficit being incurred by enforcement; they were not designed to address the commuter parking problems
¥    SCC did not adequately work with Waverley Borough Council (WBC) to reduce this deficit and work towards a break-even point under the previous arrangements;
¥    SCC did not consider any other options for controlled parking and still has not provided a projected balance sheet demonstrating that their proposals will be cost-effective.
¥    The proposals go against the ‘partnership working’ that SCC has been promoting.
¥    SCC has not carried out adequate consultations with WBC, Haslemere Town Council, local residents and local businesses in reaching their recommendations.
¥    Contractors from Guildford are currently employed to carry out parking enforcement.
¥    The proposals for the retail areas go against the findings of the recently published Government commissioned report by Mary Portas into the future of the High Street.
¥    SCC state that on-street charging will encourage better use of the car parks but these car parks are already close to capacity during peak periods.
¥    The proposed locations of the meters are in some cases a long way from the parking bays they service causing inconvenience to people ‘popping to the shops’.
¥    The proposed ‘cashless’ payment method (i.e. paying over the phone by card) will be time-consuming and anyone using this method will incur a further cost on top of their parking charge.
¥    SCC suggest that on-street charging will decrease congestion and CO2 emissions caused by people cruising for spaces but have provided no evidence that this is a significant problem in Haslemere.
¥    SCC say that they have done an equality impact assessment which has identified potential negative impacts for certain groups but provide no evidence for this.  Those on a low household income could be worse off by up to £100 per month if they park regularly in the town (e.g. shop workers)
¥    SCC suggest that the reduction of free parking could encourage drivers catching the train from Haslemere to car share or use alternative methods of transport but they have no figures to confirm where people drive in from.
¥    Many villages surrounding Haslemere don’t have a train station closer than Haslemere and the development proposals that are ongoing, such as at King Edwards Hospital site nr Midhurst, will increase the demand for commuter parking.


Surrey County Council,                                             Town Clerk,

Traffic Regulation Order Team,                             Haslemere Town Hall,

Hazel House,                                                              High Street,

Merrow Lane,                                                             Haslemere,

Guildford,                                                                   GU27  2HG

GU4  7BQ                                 

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