The ParkAtMyHouse website: For commuters to rent residents’ garages/drives

The ParkAtMyHouse website allows homeowners to rent their garages/driveways on a daily basis.

At the time of posting there were 6 advertisements with Haslemere residents offering to rent out driveways or garages with fees ranging from £2 a day to £20 a week.

This is the sample of ads on there today Sample of Haslemere rental properties on , 12 Feb 2012

Could this be a town scheme to get cars off roads?

Or does it increase congestion?

Should it be included in a transport feasibility study?

Does enforcement become an issue if a homeowner has a resident’s permit to free up a drive/garage for rental? Pay £50 for a resident’s permit to make a £1,000 to rent your garage?

It’s a community forum. All comments welcome.