The ‘joke’ that is the Petworth Road lay-by/zebra crossing cc @SurreyCouncil

Dear Editor

I just thought I’d pass on the ‘joke’ that is the Petworth Road lay-by/zebra crossing.

It was said that the lay-by was required for a bus stop because of the no stopping chevrons for the new zebra crossing, resulting in the loss of three parking spaces, however after ‘consultation’ with business’ and residents? (no resident I know was asked) it was agreed to retain one space.

Now the work is underway, I had a chat with the construction crew this morning and they have ripped up the old lay-by, put in a small one at the town end, which will be parking for one car and the bus will still be stopping in the road just a bit further along towards the Enchanted Wood! So why waste the time and money doing anything?


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