The issue is free speech, not parking

This is the letter from The Editor of, in the 17th February 2011 issue of The Haslemere Herald. NEW COMMUNITY HUB SHARING NEWS, VIEWS & OPINION ABOUT PARKING IN HASLEMERE

The  letter informs readers that this forum is available for all to have their say (both for and against) the parking proposals as set out here: Off-street_parking_places_Order_2012_final_-_Dec11(1).

The site is jointly run by an Editor (content) and a System Administrator (website functionality). We have been helped by a Graphic Designer. All are un-paid volunteers. The Editor is not a member of the Haslemere Town Council, The Haslemere Society, The Haslemere Chamber of Trade or any residents’ associations. Our expenses so far are 9.45USD for the web domain name.

This is Áine’s reason for volunteering for the Editor role:

My 11 year old son was telling me I’d become really boring because all I talk about is *parking*. I shared with him that I’m more obsessed with the notion of free speech than the topic of *parking*.

A CityAM article this week helps articulate this: Why we should speak out against moves to curtail the UK’s freedom of speech. The article ends:

In business, in culture and in society we should be actively promoting free speech, and not allowing our leaders to find excuses to censor and control the national conversation.

I’ve come to dislike the word *parking*. I got involved in this community project because I like the idea that you can share the topic in one place and, through social media, have a democratic way to open (not control) the local conversation.

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