The double yellows have started …

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Today I see that Witley, was there a consultation?, has aided South West Trains revenue by double yellow lining all around the station (Witley).   Just like Haslemere there is little point in the restrictions, no safety improvements, just double yellows for the sake of it.  It also feels like an early move as Surrey CC realises its lock down of Haslemere parking will cause significant displacement – Witley being one target.  We should look out for more pre-emptive strikes as Surrey CC tries to push this through whist we are sleeping.

Another example of this is the proposal to put double yellow lines up the A286 well out of town.  A manifest admission of the chaos that will affect Haslemere traffic and parking is the extra lengths they are having to go to to double yellow everything right out of town – people will be desperate for that prescription, that school pick up or early train and will park anywhere.

A further chilling thought for those not in the mansions of Beech and Derby Rd that have (in some quarters) been harping on about a few cars parked safely on a long wide avenue.  Let’s spare a thought for people in the housing estate that is Pepperham Rd, Weycombe Rd, High Lane etc – some of whom are friends of mine.  Any restrictions planned here? – nope.  Will this become Haslemere’s car park and school drop off zone? – yep.  And this is just one un-planned, ill-considered effect.  I won’t park there, and I hope others try to minimise the misery – but St Barts school has been totally ignored by Surrey CC (the same authority that dishes out mandates on school attendance and timely arrivals for pupils) which can’t see beyond this scheme and its determination to see it happen.

We have to continue to wonder why, given this proposal is largely unchanged, it is back on the table so soon after the councillors were shamed at the Witley meeting in March.  Is it just pure human nature on their part to get one back on Haslemere and push this through?



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