@SurreyCouncil’s letter to residents re. parking permits

This is the text of the letter that Surrey County Council has sent to certain roads in Haslemere, dated 19th July 2012.

Surrey County Council’s website does not display a copy of this letter, the accompanying FAQs, the list of roads who received this letter or the date of the public Haslemere Hall meeting on 9th August between 3pm and 8pm.

Dear Resident

Proposed residents’ permit parking schemes in Haslemere

You may be aware that Surrey County Council carried out a formal consultation about on street parking proposals in Haslemere earlier this year.

The parking proposals for the town were widespread and had a mixed response from  residents. Some however felt that the consultation process was not comprehensive enough, so the county council has decided to undertake more consultation to make sure we listen to residents and their representatives and have an accurate understanding of people’s views.

One of the messages that came out of our earlier consultation was that residents’ permit parking schemes were very popular in some roads, including yours, and the county council is seeking to confirm if this is the majority view.

Although you may have sent us your comments before, it is important that you complete the questionnaire now to help us decide where residents parking schemes should go ahead, and what the ‘rules’ of these schemes should be.

So that we can know what you think about these proposals, once you have read the enclosed frequently asked questions (FAQs), please complete our online questionnaire which you can find a link to on our webpage at: http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/roads-and-transport/parking/parking-news-and-updates/parking-news-and-updates-in-waverley

If you do not have access to the internet, you could use the facilities at your local library, or alternatively please feel free to phone the number at the top of this letter and a member of our contact centre will be happy to go through the questionnaire with you over the phone.

Surrey Highways will have indicative plans on display and officers from the parking team will be available to answer questions about proposals for residents’ parking at the Haslemere Hall on 9th August from 3pm to 8pm.

Please could you make sure that we have your comments via the questionnaire by Wednesday 15  August 2012.

The feedback we receive will be carefully considered and help the Waverley Local Committee to decide whether or not to go ahead with the legal process necessary to introduce residents’ permit parking in certain roads. The local committee consists of your elected Surrey County Councillors for Waverley and an equal number of Waverley Borough Councillors.

We will formally report the outcome of this consultation to the Waverley Local Committee at its next meeting on 21 September 2012. lf the committee decide to go ahead with any permit schemes, there will be a period of statutory consultation where you will have a further opportunity to make your views known. Again, subject to support from local people, this means residents parking schemes could be introduced by March 2013.

For further information and to find out the results of this consultation please keep an eye on our webpage.


Yours faithfully,

David Curl

Parking Team Manager

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2 Responses to @SurreyCouncil’s letter to residents re. parking permits

  1. Richard says:


    I have just completed the SCC questionnaire and it seems a little dubious

    This is one of the questions

    Do you think residents’ permits should allow parking in other residents’ permit roads nearby, or restricted to solely to the road in question? Yes / No

    I am not sure how Surrey CC are going to assess the answers.


    PS. The web address is with a lowercase “w” in waverley ie. http://www.surreycc.gov.uk/parking/waverley.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks, Richard. I’ve amended the web page with the actual page URL.

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