@SurreyCouncil has put double yellow lines in the wrong place

There were recently minor road repairs done in Derby Road and guess what – a double yellow line that had never been there before has appeared along the road near the entrance to St. Bartholomew’s school. AND! It was not even in the Surrey County Council plans!

If you look at page 9 of this map that formed the plans for Derby Road as attached to the agenda for the Waverley Local Committee meeting on 16th March, you see there was no double yellow line even planned.

But here it is, clear for all to see…

Also, in the minutes of the Local Committee meeting it states Derby Road has been deferred until June.

“It was agreed to defer any action in Derby Road to allow further consideration following the withdrawal of the Pay and Display proposals and, if necessary, consultation with residents and St Bartholomew’s Church and School to determine whether parking arrangements to suit all parties can be agreed.” http://haslemereparking.com/wp-content/uploads/Minutes-16-March-2012.pdf

Page 4 of the minutes of that meeting states ‘It was recommended that none of the proposals agreed for Haslemere should be implemented before June, but noted that schemes in other locations would be progressed in the interim.’

If these double yellow lines are not agreed by the Local Committee are they actually invalid? Do any readers know?

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  1. Editor
    25/04/2012 at 18:54

    According to Surrey County Council, these double yellow lines have not been put in the wrong place.
    In the spring/summer of 2010 Surrey County Council carried out (and implemented) the previous Waverley Parking Review. In that review it was agreed to place double yellow lines around the junction of Church Road and Derby Road to improve safety and help maintain school time traffic flows.

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