@SurreyCouncil exhibition for residents’ permits *consultation* (Part One)

Last Thursday, Surrey Council held an exhibition in Haslemere Hall regarding consultation with residents of certain roads in Haslemere about the possible introduction of permit parking schemes in Longdene Road, Kings Road, Courts Hill Road, Tanners Lane, Sandrock, Popes Mead, Chestnut Avenue, St Christopher’s Green, St Christopher’s Road, Bridge Road and Beech Road. The exhibition was publicised with letters to these roads only and with a public notice. There was no press advertisement.

At the exhibition, tables were set out with maps showing where Residents’ Permits are proposed. Also at the exhibition were questionnaires, with Question One: “Are you in favour of having a resident permit parking scheme in your road?” In order to fill in the questionnaire, you needed the accompanying FAQs. These were not made available and (at the time of writing this blog post) they are still not online on Surrey County Council’s website. The survey could not be filled in without the FAQs. There were three Surrey County Council officers present at the meeting and no-one administered an attendee list.

Here are the maps regarding residents’ permits, scanned from paper copies that were on display:

Bridge Road, Popes Mead, Chestnut Avenue, West Street

Beech Road

Bunch Lane

St Christopher’s Green, St Christopher’s Road, King’s Road (West)


Kings Road (East), Longdene Road, Courts Hill Road (West)

Sandrock, Courts Hill Road (East), Courts Mount Road

Tanners Lane (North), Church Lane, High Lane, Derby Road (East)

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