@SurreyCouncil devolves a service and describes it as the tip of the iceberg

A press release issued by Surrey County Council at the end of January announced: County set to devolve highway cutting service

Surrey County Council is set to give boroughs, districts and parishes a stronger role in running local services by freeing them up to manage highway verge grass cutting and hedge trimming.

Following on from a commitment by the county’s leader, David Hodge, that services for residents should be provided at the most appropriate level, the Cabinet is today (Tuesday 31 January 2012) set to extend the control local councils have to manage “highways horticultural services”.

Ian Lake, the council’s Cabinet Member for Transport and Environment, said: “This is only the tip of the iceberg but it is another step towards making sure local services truly match the needs of the community.

“Borough, district and parish councils are clearly best placed to decide how these services are provided and this initiative will not only provide a more tailored service for residents but will also allow us to focus on strategic road issues.”

Ian Lake attended the meeting in Haslemere Town Hall, the one where we had the show of hands.

Your Editor thinks a focus on strategic road issues is very important and surely includes parking. Readers, do you think that SurreyCC’s handling of the parking issue in Haslemere truly matches the needs of the community?

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One Response to @SurreyCouncil devolves a service and describes it as the tip of the iceberg

  1. haslemerian says:

    Interesting. Recently I (and others in my road) received a letter from @SurreyCouncil threatening legal action and recovery of costs if vegetation overhanging the highway from my property was not cleared. Needless to say, no-one from @SurreyCouncil had actually been to look at the situation. It’s a shame I can’t post a photo here because then everyone could see what the council could not – that their letter and threats were a waste of time. My front garden is kept well trimmed. I see the same lack of common sense and forethought in the way they are handling parking in Haslemere.

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