Surrey County Council’s £600k on car damage

We wrote last month that Surrey County Council has paid out the most compensation for pothole damage since 2010.

The East Grinstead Courier and Observer picks up on this story today, with the headline: Surrey County Council’s £600k on car damage.

NEW figures have revealed that Surrey County Council has forked out more than £600,000 in two years on damaged cars.

The statistic, revealed by Britannia Rescue, shows that in a two-year period, 2010/11 to 2011/12, the county council paid out £638,239 in claims for cardamage, four times the amount paid out by the next nearest county council.

Stephen Cooksey, the Liberal Democrat environment and transportation spokesman at the county council said: “These figures are very concerning in a number of ways. They are hitting council taxpayers hard in the pocket. They are causing damage and inconvenience to the vehiclesof motorists and they are a safety risk to Surrey highways users.”

But the county council pointed out that its roads are the fourth busiest in Britain.

A spokesman said: “Surrey’s roads are under tremendous strain. Maintaining and improving them is a massive operation and we have seen some real progress this year with our new highways contracts.

“Our aim is to provide the highest quality roads we can at the very best value for money. The contract with May Gurney, which started in April 2011, is saving taxpayers £4.1 million a year while providing faster and higher quality road improvements.

“Latest performancefigures show that 99 per cent of potholes are being permanently fixed within 28 days, and 98 per cent are fixed or made safe with a temporary repair within 24 hours.”

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