Strong objections about proposed pay & display car park at top of Wey Hill

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express our very strong objections about the proposed pay and display carpark at the top of Wey Hill.  At a time when most retail businesses are ‘on their knees’ after years of recession, I find it shocking that such proposals have even found their way to the table and furthermore have now reached the stage where they are being seriously considered.  It is clear to us that the Council are determined to raise revenue (whether they be parking meters or pay and displays) and the negative impact this has on local businesses is irrelevant.  One gets the feeling that if it isn’t this avenue, it will be another…..  On top of trying to keep our businesses afloat, we are now finding ourselves spending time and effort fighting and objecting to all our local Council throw at us.

If they carry on at this rate, there won’t be any small independent businesses left and the diversity of the area will be lost.  I would strongly recommend that they begin to adopt a more holistic approach to all of their proposals for revenue raising in the area and cease squeezing the life out of us.

This email is written on behalf of the ‘workers’ of Wey Hill and not so much the ‘shoppers’.  Whilst a pay and display carpark may not wholly detract visitors from Wey Hill (it certainly won’t help), my bigger concern is the cost and impact this has on the employees of those businesses.  Without them, there are no businesses.   Where are they supposed to park?  Has the Council even considered this?  How will they provide for them?  I find it unlikely that any of us can afford another £100 per month just to park a car, thus forcing us all to park in the side roads, further adding to the congestion and creating yet another headache for the Council.

Nothing is straightforward and I would like to have the confidence in the Council to believe that we could all work together to find a solution, but sadly until a sympathetic, sensible and holistic approach is adopted, I fear this will be impossible.

Yours sincerely,


Amanda Baker



66 – 68 Wey Hill


Surrey GU27 1HN


From: Amanda Baker [mailto:address removed]
Sent: 02 July 2012 3:02 PM

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