Steve Renshaw’s been working hard as the @SurreyCounty Councillor for Haslemere

A few weeks ago, the South West Surrey Conservatives Reporting Back newsletter was posted through your Editor’s letter box.

There is a separate section with the headline, County Councillor Report.

During the past year Steve Renshaw has been working hard as the Surrey County Councillor for Haslemere. These are some of the things he has been doing:

Recently, Surrey County Council road schemes have been agreed for implementation in the spring, at Scotland Lane, Lion Lane and Shottermill Junction.

Surrey has also approved funding to help Haslemere Town Council provide floral decoration for Haslemere during the Olympics. (Editor’s note, hosepipe ban unknown at the time.)

Of most significance in the last year have been the agreements reached with the different residents groups of roads near the station, as to what they wanted in terms of better traffic management, as they face further vehicular pressure.

This has become more urgent following the failure to date of South West Trains to secure funding for the proposed multi-storey car park at the station, but should a car park be constructed in the future. then SCC will be prepared to review the extent of its commuter parking in light of demand at that time.

Requests from these roads, include a mixture of residents permits. restricted parking on single yellow lines, extended double yellow lines and some charged parking where appropriate, to fund improved enforcement.

Whilst not unanimous, the majority view of the residents from each road was published as part of the formally advertised County Council proposals to improve the situation.

If adopted, the end result will be better managed traffic, improved enforcement, safer roads and, if any surplus arises, improved amenities for Haslemere.

Cllr Steve Renshaw has been working hard to improve the parking situation lot residents near the train station. He has held meetings with all the Residents Associations in the area and the County Council has put together plans, using their input, to improve the situation.

So much has happened in that time. If you look at the Local Conservative Team in the newsletter, two of the team, wrote a letter to The Haslemere Herald (publication date 23rd March 2012) publicly dissociating themselves “from the shockingly disrespectful way Haslemere residents were treated at the SCC meeting last Friday”, i.e., at the Local Committee Waverley meeting on 16th March.

Looking ahead though, there will be County Council elections in May 2014. All aspiring Conservative councillors will need to submit their applications by April 30th. A minimum of two other candidates will be required to provide a choice, otherwise automatic re-selection of Councillor Steve Renshaw will take place. To apply (you need to be a member of the Conservative party at the time you submit your application), contact Edward Norman at the South West Conservatives office on

If the Conservative party is not for you, on the 18th January 2012, one Haslemere resident, wrote (in a letter to The Haslemere Herald):

But fellow residents do not fret. Democracy has its merits and we can form the Parking Party and kick out every councillor in Surrey. This proposal is only short-termism. Short-termism for the councillors and short-termism when we get into power!
Applications for prospective Parking Party Councillors welcome. Must be sane.

One thing is sure, the County Council elections in May next year will make headlines. Councillor Renshaw may be re-elected. The Conservative party may field other candidates. An independent candidate (Parking Party or some other) may emerge. It will be fascinating.

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