Sort out the parking on Kings road,Haslemere!!!

We came across this public (at time of posting) Facebook Page with 12 members: Sort out the parking on Kings road, Haslemere!!!

The residents of Glenthorpe House in Kings road have had no parking spaces for over a year and we are getting parking fines pretty much every day! £35-00 a day to park even remotely near our houses!! with one house resident being blind this is a severe issue that Waverley Borough council ignore and Surrey county council tell us there is nothing that can be done until next year! we cannot afford tickets on our cars for another year! SOmething needs to be done! so please join this group to help our petition!! will mean a lot!! thanks guys x

It would be great to hear comments on this blog about the parking on Kings Road.

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3 Responses to Sort out the parking on Kings road,Haslemere!!!

  1. AndrewLoves says:

    Those who CHOOSE to live next to the station or Haslemere High street knew that parking would be an issue BEFORE they brought or rented their houses/flats.

    Haslemere Station has been there since 1938, and shops a lot longer!

    Why should the opinion of a dozen vocal residents take preference over the other 15,000 Haslemere residents and the countless businesses?

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for your comment, AndrewLoves

      To conform with the rules:
      We are verifying all comments before posting.
      The Editor has verified this is a resident of Haslemere who lives within walking distance of the town centre.
      Stakeholder groups: resident, commuters, walks to station, home worker
      Has private parking off the Old Haslemere Road that is not council maintained.
      Owns one car

      It would help us when commenting/replying if you would state your interest along the lines above as this site is manned by volunteers.

      This comment has been posted on the Haslemere parking twitter feed,!/HaslemereP

      PS This comment has not been posted by the Editor’s husband, also called Andrew.

  2. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Station is actually from 18?? something.. Over 120 years I think.

    I’m pretty firm on two things, you should be able to use wide avenues in Haslemere to park-commute on and second that Haslemere is not some cash cow to fill the coffers of the duplicitous Surrey County Council.

    However, I do also agree that many roads in Haslemere are not like the natural (and fair) car park that is Derby road (etc). I think that the majority of Kings Road, and other such places deserve not global double yellow lining, but as many resident-only places as can be squeezed in – that seems fair all round.

    I posted before about hoping none of this is forgotten in time for the 2013 Surrey County Council elections so we can kick these secretive and obnoxious individuals out. I can say now that if they (he) have (has) the nerve to stand (resigning now would be more honorable), I will stand as an independent against them (him!).

    I hope you are watching Mr Hunt, the Olympics might be more interesting but your lack of involvement / judgement and authority over Tory councillors is all too plain to see. Your re-election will come around too. We are waiting for you to ‘step in’*.

    *For clarity – ‘stepping in’ to an issue, does not mean a short private meeting with SCC councillors for a bit of rhetoric and back slapping. It does not mean encouraging them to carry on but dress things up a bit. It does mean cancelling the current process, and if necessary timetabling a real consultation. Do I need to define consultation as well?

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