Shop owner: Parking charges reduce footfall according to Property Week

From: JL Nobbs [mailto: removed]
Sent: 22 February 2012 2:08 PM
Subject: parking

Dear Editor

A friend of mine has just shown me an article in Property Week (Issue dated 10/2/12) which has used Chippenham as a case study to track the progress of a typical British High Street during the success of the Mary Portas recommendations.  Last April, Conservative-led Wiltshire Council introduced town centre charges of £1.10 an hour.  A campaign by shoppers, retailers and landlords led to a reduction to £1.  But Chippenham Chamber of Commerce has told Property Week that research has shown that the number of people using the car parks has fallen by 20% – equivalent to around 3,000 fewer people a month.  Retailers report a similar drop in footfall.  Tesco have reported a 20% drop in daytime footfall  but a rise after 6pm when free parking resumes.

A 20% drop in our footfall would put us and many independent businesses like ours out of business.

Yours faithfully


Julianne Evans

J L Nobbs Ltd

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