This is the wording of a leaflet that has been put together for distribution by, Haslemere Society, Haslemere Vision, Haslemere Chamber of Trade


Waverley Borough Council is planning to spend £350,000 on resurfacing the Wey Hill Fairground Car Park in preparation for PAY and DISPLAY meters. As the Fairground site is Common Land, WBC is obliged to apply to the Planning Inspectorate for consent to carry out these works (S.38 Commons Act 2006). WBC inherited the land free of charge from the old Haslemere District Council which ceased to exist in 1974 with local government reform.

You only have until Friday 5th April to object!

The most relevant criteria that the Planning Inspectorate will take into account include:

1. The displacement effect that charging will have on roads in the area.
2. The lack of local consultation by Waverley BC and the fact that those objections which were made were substantially ignored by WBC.
3. The negative social impact of the proposals on the community. Shops, the youth centre, the library, businesses and the church will all be badly affected. The local economy cannot withstand the impact of these proposals.
4. The works will mean that the travelling fair can no longer use the site as their equipment will damage the plastic mesh surface.
5. The recently established Neighbourhood Planning Forum has ideas for the site to allow much greater community use. These WBC proposals will seriously jeopardise those forward looking and exciting creative ideas for the area.
6. A Public Inquiry should be held to allow proper public participation in the debate. We do not accept WBC’s claim that they have consulted widely.
7. This urbanisation will destroy the open aspect of the Common forever.

PLEASE take time to help our town to prosper – and write to OBJECT now!

either by e-mail at:

or by post at: Common Land Casework,

Rm 3/25B Hawk Wing, Temple Quay House

The Planning Inspectorate

2 The Square


However you make your objection, quote the CASE REFERENCE: COM 454

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  1. Doug Chandler says:

    Given that WBC rejected a lot of objections based on the main point being charging and that charging is not in the current plan, I’m not sure going with anything to do with charging, except to say that it is obvious that charging is the next thing they want to do will hold any weight.
    I think it would be better to object on other grounds such as the lack of holistic approach to car parking, loss of various uses of common land, and that the community want to designate the site as of significant community interest with potential as a town square and focal point for the town (with associated parking provided).
    WBC are obviously being tactical in their current application based on improving the surface, putting in lighting and pay and display meters but not actually asking to charge yet. I don’t see much wrong with this except for the points raised above. The obvious next step though is to apply to start charging for its use.
    We need to make sure that responses are equally tactical and leave no room for doubt that this is the wrong thing to do at the wrong time.

    • Julian says:

      If charging is not in the current plan why does the application “under Section 38 of the Commons Act 2006 to carry out works on Wey Hill (Fairground) Car Park, Haslemere.” include the following: “Support infrastructure to car parking; namely lamp columns with low-carbon lanterns, and pay & display ticket machines, all fed by underground power supply.”. Are they installing pay and display machines for fun?

  2. redbrix says:

    Of course they will use charging, it has to be funded from somewhere. They can either charge for it via pay and display or they raise funds via tax. I know which I prefer.
    Given the several hundred cars that use Haslemere streets as a free car park every working day so that they can access the station I think its right that they are charged for it. If they want to use Haslemere station then its only fair that they contribute to the wear and tear they cause by using the roads etc that surround it.

    • AW1957 says:

      Waverley’s got nothing to do with paying for the wear and tear of roads. That’s Surrey’s responsibility. The money doesn’t get shared. This is a money grab for Waverley with no need to put any of the parking fees they collect back into Haslemere. I have objected as this refurbishment does not benefit the neighbourhood at all. We need a multi-storey at the station but there’s very little political will for Waverley or Surrey to deliver on that because there is no money in it for them.

      • redbrix says:

        Objecting to its use as a car park, whether charged for or not by way of pay and display, does nothing to alleviate the parking issues in the town.
        I agree that a multi-storey car park is needed at the station, but no doubt some would object to that too. Its also not under the control of the council and the railways cannot make it work commercially so its unlikely to happen anytime soon.

        Haslemere has a parking problem, caused primarily by the increasing reliance of commuters from both near and far away, on commuting to their workplaces. Having no control at all is not a solution and objecting to everything proposed without identifying viable alternatives is as good as ignoring the problem completely. The town suffers and the residents suffer.
        We hear the term “holistic” approach used alot when discussing parking proposals. So far I havent seen anything closely resembling holistic from either the planners nor the objectors. I wonder if its even possible?

        • tonylegat says:

          The proposal being put forward by Waverley would reduce the number of parking spaces available whereas the ‘do nothing’ option wouldn’t. I would have thought that was straighforward to understand.

          If and when someone comes up with a plan to increase the parking facilities in the area, I expect you’ll see a lot of people supporting it.

          • Paul M says:

            I don’t think that’s true. At the moment you can’t say how much capacity there is because it depends on how neatly people park – there are no marked parking bays so nothing to discipline people to park closer together.

            Part of the WBC application involves laying bay marking on the new permeable surface. I suppose that could lead to people parking less tightly than now, but that is unlikely.

          • AW1957 says:

            You’re right tonylegat. The map plan marks out 165 parking spaces. A count yesterday totalled 179 were parked cars there. It will reduce parking capacity. WBC’s sustainability plan reducing emissions and reducing car journeys is laughable when they are happy to abandon sustainable principles and have all these cars come into town as there’s a money making scheme involved.

            Do nothing until a proper parking solution is found.

          • Paul M says:

            The plan doesn’t really signify much. WBC’s proposal is to let a “design and build” ocntract, so the number of marked spaces will be determined by the contractor as part of its design process. The drawings published for the application are provisional only.

      • NBNUMBER8 says:

        I totally agree that The station needs a multistory car park ‘at the station’. However, both Surrey and Waverley are councils, which are controlled by elected bodies are they not?
        We being voters can therefore exert pressure on both and I encourage people so to do. The fairground pay and display is a side issue. All focus should be on the car park at the station.

        • redbrix says:

          The car park at the station is owned by SW Trains/Railtrack and not the Borough or County Council.
          The commercial argument for a multi storey car park does not exist. Why invest £10m to build a car park for x number of additional spaces when the existing ground level car park is not fully utilised every working week day? Dont believe me? Go and look any weekday how many empty spaces there are at 10am, more than a handful every day.
          (see this link too
          I agree that a multi story car park is required but only in conjunction with zero parking on residential roads surrounding the station. Thats what I call a holistic solution. Is it achievable? Only if the council do whats required to force the hand of SW Trains/Railtrack by creating zero free parking in the town, and thus providing in one fell swoop the business case to justify its construction. And that is why the fairground car park needs to be pay and display too.
          The train station is Haslemeres greatest asset, yet also its biggest liability.

  3. Victorialeake says:

    I couldn’t agree more. There is nothing worse than watching a slanging match with no one offering solutions. It would be great to hear what the community thinks and Haslemere Vision, a newly established neighbourhood planning forum, is having a launch day on the 27th April at the Haslemere Hall, drop in 11.00-16.00. The idea being to capture the thoughts and ideas of the local and visiting community as well as to ask the public to become members so that we can pool our ideas and resources. Its aim is to be non political – a forum for the people by the people. There will be a professional facilitator there to help capture the community’s thoughts and ideas.

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