RT @lifemags: What’s your view on the possible new parking charges in Grayshott?

From LifeMags. Possible new parking charges in Grayshott, 09/01/2013

In a report prepared for East Hampshire District Council, it is recommended to consider the possibility of limiting the free use of Crossways Road car park in Grayshott. At present this car park is free all day.

The logic is that on Fridays and most Thursdays, Grayshott’s car parks are completely full and a significant part of the use of these car parks is by employees of local businesses. If the car park was to be limited to a half day use, then business parking would diminish and there would be more room for shoppers to park. The half day limit would be enforced by the new Parking Wardens.

What do you think? Should the free usage car park be limited in Grayshott?

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