Revealed: councils that axed parking fee plans

Revealed: councils that axed parking fee plans, this article in the Folkestone Herald published Friday, February 24, 2012 talks about Surrey County Council. It starts…

THE country is littered with councils that have been forced to drop plans for charging for parking where it was once free, according to a damning dossier in the hands of a local campaigner.

(Last month, we wrote about what is happening in other towns/cities/counties). To carry on with the article…

Opponents to Shepway District Council’s plans to make motorists pay for on-street parking have unearthed information about authorities in the UK that have caved in under huge public, commercial and political pressure.

As he announced Surrey County Council’s U-turn last October, leader David Hodge said: “I believe we should be strong enough to recognise when we have got something wrong.”

The comment has not been lost on Landau owner Martyn Jackson.

He said: “All these U-turns are common sense. The councils have seen the error of their ways, they’ve seen the light and decided to scrap the plans.

“Surrey was man enough to admit its mistake, which is very important, and it might be that Shepway is too.”

Some U-turn! The Surrey County Council Local Committee on 16th December 2011 agreed to proceed to local consultation (we use that word loosely) for on-street parking charges in Waverley. Whoops, Folkestone Herald, you could perhaps have read to get up-to-date?