Response from Haslemere Parking Action Group

The Haslemere Parking Action Group response to the announcement by SCC is as follows.

We welcome the statement by Pat Frost, Chair of the Local Waverley Committee which acknowledges that given the scale of public response to the latest set of ill thought out parking proposals for Haslemere, SCC have no choice but to defer any decisions again.  SCC have clearly underestimated the complexity of the parking problem, and we support the decision by Cllr Frost to ask SCC officers to revisit the town again to try to get things right.  However we are concerned that SCC may still ignore the groundswell of public opinion that while supporting a very limited Phase One (with parking controls in a small number of roads adjacent to the station and limited essential safety lining), in the main want SCC to leave the town just as it is until more commuter parking is provided at the station.

SCC have also underestimated the citizens of Haslemere, who have been willing to persist in their demands for an open and transparent consultation process.  We are delighted to note that SCC intends to hold an exceptional Local Committee meeting in late January dedicated to Haslemere parking.  A date has not been fixed, but I am sure anyone who witnessed the debacle at the March 2012 LAC meeting held in Witley will wish to encourage as many people as possible to attend to make sure that decisions about our town are taken in accordance with due process this time.

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