Residents’ questions at last LAC meeting

At the June 22nd Local Committee (Waverley) questions relating to on-street parking in Haslemere were posed by Mr John Cox (Sandrock, Haslemere), Mr Graeme Spratley (Popes Mead/West Street, Haslemere), Ms Jane Godden (Courts Hill Road [Lower End], Haslemere), Mr George Tafft (Kings Road Residents’ Association, Haslemere), Chris Cook (Longdene Road, Haslemere), Mr Jakob Van Klinken (Bunch Lane South Residents’ Association, Haslemere).

Here are the questions in full in ITEM 5 PUBLIC QUESTIONS.

This was the Committee’s combined response to question 5:

The Committee is fully aware of the wide range of concerns (including the delay for resident parking schemes) expressed by both those who have penned questions and other residents who have spoken directly to Members or Officers. Following the March meeting the decision was taken by the Leader of the Council not to proceed with the decisions taken but to enable a further period of engagement. This Committee is committed to working with all affected residents to ensure any parking proposals have substantive support from the key stakeholders, are fit for purpose, any consequences are anticipated as far as practical and there is swift progress. Stakeholders include all who may be impacted upon by any changes – safety is always the first priority, followed by those residents who are directly impacted upon on a day to day basis. As part of today’s agenda a request is to be considered by the Committee which will clarify the timeframe for bringing some parking schemes back to its meeting in September. This includes the roads referred to in the submitted questions. Mr David Hodge, as the Leader of the County Council, meets with a wide range of residents for a variety of reasons. The County Council is the Highway Authority and has overall responsibility for on-street parking policy. The Leader has instructed Officers to engage with all appropriate residents and interest groups to consider both short- and longer-term aspirations for the town. The County Council will lead this process and set timeframes. Residents can be assured that Officers will seek comments from all, not a selected minority. There will be the opportunity for all who wish to participate to make sure their views are heard and considered.

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