Resident’s letter to @SurreyCouncil accuses them of duplicitous approach to parking

In case you missed this on the forum yesterday, I am re-posting this letter from a Haslemere resident. He sums up the approach of Surrey County Council to addressing parking charges in Haslemere.

Across the board your (SCC) approach to our town has been truly lamentable. You have been duplicit. You have produced inaccurate notices. You have produced conflicting policies. You seek to reduce costs, but have no idea of the costs. You have made no effort to listen to us. You refuse to include our correspondence in your committee report. You have assembled a committee who follow not lead. You have had no thought at all for the impact on our streets of this policy. And above all your chief executive doesn’t properly read correspondence.

Letter from Haslemere resident to David Hodge, David McNulty and David Curl

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2 Responses to Resident’s letter to @SurreyCouncil accuses them of duplicitous approach to parking

  1. Editor says:

    On 24th February, Haslemere resident, James Birkett, received a reply from Surrey County Council’s Chief Executive, David McNulty, regarding his communication above. James could not forward the reply to the forum as there are council disclaimers attached to it. However, we publish below James Birkett’s subsequent reply to David McNulty.

    From: James Birkett [mailto:removed]
    Sent: 29 February 2012 9:37 AM
    To: David McNulty
    Subject: Haslemere Parking

    Dear David

    Thank you for your letter of the 24th of February. I am not sure what you mean about the facts not supporting my comments. The statements set out in my letter are the facts. Most things were quoted verbatim from officers and members of SCC. I cannot possibly see how, therefore, they are not correct.

    But what I am very surprised about is that you have not been prepared to tackle any of the very many issues set out in my letter. I do think that as a town we deserve a reply from you. To concentrate just on my characterisation (correct spelling) of you indicates to me that you are not concerned with the points raised in my letter. You are the Chief Executive of Surrey Country Council and therefore have full responsibility for the executive. You have therefore, as the officer in charge:

    1. Produced inaccurate notices that required modification.
    2. Produced modifications to that which had errors.
    3. Embarked on reducing the ‘subsidy’ of parking enforcement with no idea of how much that ‘subsidy’ is.
    4. Received hundreds of letters of objections but refuse to circulate them to the committee who will decide on the implementation of the proposals.
    5. Been duplicitous to us by telling us this is a local issue when you have sought to reduce the ‘subsidy’.
    6. Undertaken no impact study on the far reaching effect of these proposals.

    Will you please respond to these matters as requested in my letter of the 19th February. I have written evidence from you and your officers of every matter and would be happy to meet you to run through each if that would help you prepare a response.


    James Birkett

  2. Editor says:

    James Birkett also wrote the same e-mail to David Hodge, leader of SCC, and David Curl, Parking Manager SCC. He has had no reply so he has sent an update e-mail today.

    From: James Birkett [mailto:removed]
    Sent: 29 February 2012 10:00 AM
    To: David Hodge; David Curl (
    Subject: Haslemere Parking

    Dear Davids

    On the 19th of February I wrote a comprehensive and detailed letter to you setting out many issues that concern this town on your parking proposals. Within that letter was a very clear request for action supported by many accurate reasons.

    Ten days later I have still not received a reply to the main request in my letter. I am a local resident in this town and I spent a very long time crafting a detailed objection to your proposals with a clear solution and request. I do deserve a response. Please may I have that as a matter of urgency.


    James Birkett

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