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Dear Mr Hunt,

I am writing to you regarding the parking proposals for Haslemere.  I am very very concerned that the Councillors involved in these proposals are NOT listening to the residents of Haslemere, or taking into account the people the proposals will affect.

My children go to St Bartholomew’s Primary School.  From the proposals there will be parking restrictions imposed on Derby Road, where the school is situated.  The proposal consists of pay and display meters, but also no parking during certain times.  This will massively affect the parents who have to drive their children to school.  Our school is the only Primary school in Haslemere that takes children from the age of 4 up to 11.  The school is growing in pupil numbers, with many having to drive for various reasons.  We need to be able to park on Derby Road to take our children to school, and I do not believe making us pay to drop off and pick up our children is ethically correct.

For many years I have been trying to discuss the parking issues on Derby Road with Waverly and Surrey County Council.  When they originally proposed parking restrictions on Derby Road parents suggested to the council that a restriction that stops parking between 12noon and 1:00pm would stop the commuter parking, but parents would still be able to drop off and pick up our children, but also more crucially parents would be able to volunteer at the school, which is critical to the success of the school.  We rely heavily on parental help across the school, and throughout the day.   However the council decided to keep one side of the road clear of restrictions, but the other side had a restriction of no parking between 10:00 – 2:30.  This means we can drop off and pick up, but volunteering in the school makes it hard.  The side of the road with no restrictions is taken up by commuter parking, so in effect the council have not solved the commuter parking at all.

We were also told that we should park on Tanners Lane, which currently has few restrictions on it, however this is a very narrow road and extremely dangerous for getting children in and out of the car, and has been an issues with cars trying to get through before.  It is not a solution at all.  However in the new proposals Tanners Lane will be double yellow lines, which means we will not be able to park there at all.  I would like to know where the Councillors expect the parents to park to take their children to and from school.

The proposals not only affect our school but also Shottermill Infant and Junior School in Haslemere.  They will also have extreme proposals restricted on them, and they will also have very limited parking.  Parents are being penalised, just to take their children to school, as we are legally obliged too.

I am very concerned that the Councillors are not listening to the parents of the schools, or to the residents of the town.  We are all aware that a number of commuters park in the town, and on roads that are available, but that is due to not having enough parking at the station.  There is a carpark at the station that is very rarely full, the reason?  Because you can’t park in there till after 9:30am, so even people who want to park at that station carpark are unable to, unless they get there after 9:30am.

I urge you to step in and stop these proposals.  I urge you to ask the Councillors to listen to the towns residents, and to the schools that will be massively affected by these proposals.  These pay and display machines are going to ruin the town, they will ruin a beautiful aesthetically pleasing area.  They are not required, they are only being put into place for the Council to take money from the area.  We should not be used to finance the county.

I look forward to hearing back from you regarding these proposals.

Yours Sincerely

Alix Alcott



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