Letter from @WaverleyBC with parking offer for Lower Street/Shepherd’s Hill residents

I have just received a letter from Waverley suggesting that the residents of Lower Street/Shepherds Hill might want to consider parking in one of Waverley’s car parks, in Haslemere Town Center, the cheapest being £753.00 pa.  I thought the whole reason Haslemere was saying no to pay and display was because they were concerned about trade.  Imagine 40 cars parked all day every day in Haslemere car parks in the town center. That would mean that the car park would be just under a third full with hardly any turnover. It would be great if someone would put their thinking cap on, just for once!

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2 comments for “Letter from @WaverleyBC with parking offer for Lower Street/Shepherd’s Hill residents

  1. AndrewLoves
    02/03/2012 at 15:59

    Haslemere residents to be charged £753 pa for parking!


    Maybe the council are trying to think holistically about Haslemere area transportation system, encouraging the use of public transport.

    No that can’t be the case because of the recent bus cuts. See Haslemere Herald story: http://bit.ly/xhQnWR

    • Victorialeake
      02/03/2012 at 20:21

      I think the sad thing is, because Haslemere is known to be such a wealthy place that those in authority and those with influence assume everyone who lives in Haslemere is wealthy. It just shows you how out of touch some of these councillors are at a grass roots level. Bus service, what bus service? We don’t catch the bus we drive our 4. series ….. to work.

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