Request to record, take photos & live tweet @SurreyCouncil LAC (Waverley) meetings

Sent: 16 January 2013 8:32 PM
To: ‘<Pat Frost>’
Cc: ‘David North’; ‘David Hodge’
Subject: Local Area Committee (Waverley) meeting on 24th January 2013 – Recording meetings.

Dear Mrs Frost

I am a local Haslemere blogger and volunteer Editor of

I would like to record Item 7 of the 24th January 2013 LAC Waverley meeting, which relates to Haslemere parking. I would like to reproduce the audio recording for the readers of with a full written transcription. I would also like to take photographs. I would also like to live tweet during Item 7 next Thursday.

In addition, I would like you to consider opening up all your Local Area Committee meetings to allow the press and local bloggers to record them as a matter of policy.

I look forward to hearing your decision on both matters, i.e., the recording next Thursday and a new recording policy for all future LAC (Waverley) meetings.

With kind regards – Volunteer Editor,