Report of the on-street parking task group (Part One)

You may be interested to read the Surrey County Council’s Environment and Transport Select Committee Report of The On-street Parking Task Group, May 2011

Here it is….Report of the on-street parking task committee May 2011

It’s a long report so we’ll break it down into several blog posts and invite comment.

It cites these references in the report:

  1. Retail Assessment, 2004 (Editor’s note: No author name.)
  2. Retail Distinctiveness of Market Towns, 2009 (Editor’s note: No author name.)
  3. Parking Pricing Implementation guidelines, Litman 2010
  4. RAC/British Retail Consortium, 2006 (Editor’s note: No Title)
  5. DfT survey (Editor’s note: No date. No Title)
  6. Booz 2006 – Booz Allen Hamilton (2006), International Approaches to Tackling Transport Congestion Paper 2: Parking Restraint Measures, Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission

The Booz Allen Hamilton report is very interesting. It’s based on research of towns and cities across the world. The cities researched are in Australia, USA and Europe. Population sizes for the study are very broad. No town/city in Surrey is cited. Your Editor was never good at Geography so it’s hard to know which UK city/town in the study (Sheffield, York, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford, Manchester, Canterbury and London) might be comparable to rural Haslemere.

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