Recommendations: Local Committee Waverley 16/03/12. Item 8 Parking Review

Here are the documents from Surrey County Council’s website. They include Recommendations, Objections, Estimated Costs and Plans



Estimated costs associated with the proposals in the 2011/12 parking review


Haslemere1 (1.75MB)

Haslemere2 (1.49MB)

Haslemere3 (1.4MB)

Haslemere4 (762.93 KB)

If you prefer not to have to open four individual documents for the plans they are all available as one document below:





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6 Responses to Recommendations: Local Committee Waverley 16/03/12. Item 8 Parking Review

  1. AndrewLoves says:

    I hope Ian Lake ordered enough yellow paint for all those double lines. Bonkers.

    Actually I bet this was ordered in May 2011, at the same time as the meters. He must have got a good ‘deal’.

    Half of these markings are absolutely pointless (just take a look at St Christphers Rd for example) – and this really is going to be the end of the Weyhill shops and business.

    And it looks like it will be dog-eat-dog for the few remaining permit spaces.

  2. Richard says:

    What I feared has happened, all the recommendations are on an individual road-by-road basis and do not address the overall problems.

    If these proposals go through, the people of Bridge Road without dropped curbs are now completely screwed. They will be unable to park on-street because all the existing on-street parking is reserved for the residents of the adjoining roads.

    It is a shame some Haslemere people can only look as far as their own front gate, and don’t consider the impact they will have on their neighbours.

  3. AW1957 says:

    I have read the recommendations and the summary of objections. 1st impressions, not good. I read again my own letter of objection which I sent to Mr Curl (town council copied).

    Aside from the dishonest and sham consultation my main objection was that parking meters do not provide the extra parking required for commuters. They simply push the parking problem further out.

    From SCC’s summary of objections –
    “In developing the proposals for this parking management scheme, restrictions have been taken to what was considered a reasonable distance from the station to avoid significant displacement problems.”

    That is inaccurate on two counts. Firstly, this is no “parking management scheme”. It is about making money from enforcement. To suggest it is anything more than that is as laughable as the sham consultation. The use of the word *management* to elevate it to something that may have a semblance of strategy is disingenuous to say the least. Secondly, the recommendations have not addressed the issue of displacement. It is not satisfactory to have it reviewed at a later date. We should demand a PROPER CONSULTATION, after heads have rolled!

    A further concern is the way Waverley Borough Council have managed to sneak through car park charges whilst we are all trying to get to grips with the implications of the complex on-street proposals from Surrey County Council. I am alarmed to read, “…Fairground Car Park when charges are introduced there by WBC later in 2012”. It all sounds like it is a done deal.

    How many times do we have to say it to be heard? We want a PROPER CONSULTATION that addresses the commuter car parking issue. I am utterly appalled by what is happening in our town at a town council, borough council and county county level.

    You couldn’t make it up. If it is indeed true that zebra crossing deals have really been dangled as incentives for stakeholders to agree to pay & display then it’s time for a long overdue political shake up in this town.

  4. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Zebra crossings in Haslemere or Grayswood? A 2009 report that looked at the whole of the A286 and its safety, at some considerable cost was shelved straight after publication.
    I questioned Cllr Renshaw two years ago on this. And I can quote; “they can ask all they like, I’ll never agree to funding crossings in Grayswood or Haslemere.
    Since then I have always known that such councillors have no recollection of how they achieved office, and no sense of public service, for and on behalf of their electorate.
    Instead of safer crossings we got some fancy replacement lampposts. No new lights, just replacements where they were already.

    Roll on elections next May for SCC….

  5. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Right, I’ve given the maps a good read, many thanks for posting them up. Quite a set of recommendations, one has to almost pretend they are a big joke, they are quite surreal. I’ll pick out my favourite Renshaw-wreckers:

    1. Quite amusing that some current double yellows, clearly added under some previous safety initiative, replaced by pay and display spaces. And this is not about revenue right?
    2. Courts Hill will be visible from space with all those yellow lines. And 24 HR restrictions too, you can’t even visit someone at midnight on a Sunday to post a letter… In France they would be reaching for the gallows, and they get as many zebra crossing as they want..
    3. Serious this, the GP and hospital never have enough space. Rushing for an appointment, child with a fever, minor injuries…? As long as one of four spaces or something in Beech Rd is free, and you have spare change of course.
    4. Pay and display machines. Obviously you’ll need a few of them to make sure one is actually working… Oh no, silly me, just have one in each location. Mr Parking Warden hiding in the sweet shop to pounce as soon as the machine goes AWOL
    5. Obviously SCC have recognised that this will displace parking for the station and shops and everything in between. Naturally it is sufficient to note this concern in the margin / foot note and move on. Well done.
    6. You have to feel for the roads around Witley station. Sorry chaps, Haslemere is coming in numbers for the 07:16
    7. Helping at St Barts school or Shottermill? If you can find a place to park of course, you’ll need to pay of course, to volunteer. See what they have done there.
    8. I do like the double yellows on the A286 stopping at Beech Rd, I’d like to see parking on the main road, just to make a point.
    9. Lucky high street shoppers and shops, clearly you are special, a whole thirty minutes free before the charges kick in. Plenty to get a coffee or newspaper someone said in the Herald.. Really, not with two children it isn’t.
    10 Looking to go to the GP? The car park will probably be full of commuters that got there at 06:50. It will happen I’m afraid.
    11. A disappointing missed opportunity in the plans, the police station has three spaces I use regularly. It isn’t a police station anymore!
    12. GP full, how about a swim? Nope that’s full of shoppers for Wey Hill I’m afraid.

    More soon, When I find them. So much material.

  6. grayswoodcommuter says:

    Apologies, I noted one more thing. This makes me properly livid.

    Take a look through the maps one by one, and add up the disabled places that provide three hours of free access to those that have a blue badge. For those that truly deserve a blue badge have just been banned effectively from Wey Hill and the High Street. I don’t have one, I don’t even know anyone that does, but this makes me mad.
    How can any councillor remove disabled and free bays, and replace them with paid parking? Bear in mind that disabled bays are also larger to help those that need access easily.
    Isn’t that what ‘community’ is all about? Wouldn’t you find some of this more acceptable if there were more disabled places being created, I would.

    Zebra crossing in Grayswood, one at the museum, disabled parking in High Street and Wey hill, and the removal of most of the pointless double yellows. That is what we need to change here.

    Revenue generating is the only motive here.

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