PUBLIC NOTICE: The Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning Forum


Come and join the ‘The Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning Forum’ and help draw up a Vision and Masterplan for Weyhill.

Location: St. Christopher’s Church

 St. Christopher’s Green in Weyhill, Haslemere

Thursday 19th of April 2012 at 8.00pm


Under the terms of the new Localism Act, which gives profound planning powers to the local community, to develop a master plan for their neighbourhood, We are proposing to convene the ‘Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning Forum’.  Anyone living in the Weyhill area is invited to come and join The Weyhill Neighbourhood Planning Forum and help draw up a vision and master plan for Weyhill.  The first meeting is at St. Christopher’s Church on St. Christopher’s Green in Weyhill  on Thursday 19th of April at 8.00pm, to discuss the scope and brief for development of the Weyhill Neighbourhood Masterplan and sign up to the forum.

As an introduction, a brief summary will be given of the consultation on what’s been achieved so far at the UK’s first Neighbourhood Planning Forum set up this year in Redcliffe Way in Bristol.

We look forward to meeting you on the 19th.

David O’Brien

16 Weysprings


GU27 1DE


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