Proposals for new on-street parking controls & charges in Haslemere will NOT be pursued

Press Release issued today, by Surrey County Council: Group set up to look into transport issues.

Surrey County Council and the Chairman of Waverley Local Committee have decided not to pursue proposals to introduce new on-street parking controls and charges in Haslemere, after listening to the concerns of local people.

Instead, a working group will now be set up to look at transport issues in the town with a view to developing a plan for the future. The group will work with the community to find solutions to Haslemere’s transport problems.

Leader of Surrey County Council David Hodge said: “After listening to the concerns of local people, we came to the conclusion that these proposals should not be pursued.

“It’s clear there are transport issues in Haslemere that need to be addressed, including parking, but I believe the best solutions will come from residents and other stakeholder groups in the town, because they know their community better than anyone.

“The working group will allow us all to work together to resolve the issues and come up with a long term plan.”

The on-street parking proposals that have now been halted were originally put forward to Waverley Local Committee on March 16.

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  1. AW1957 says:

    Brilliant news. Would be nice to get an apology but I suppose Haslemere can’t be too greedy.

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