General interest: press articles regarding taxation

Sharing some articles:

Taxpayers alliance: Some councils double parking charges

Some councils regard motorists as the gift that keeps on giving, however as we have highlighted this year, some councils – Wiltshire Council in particular – have found themselves in the eye of a storm as drivers desert town and city centres to visit and shop in other places that are cheaper to park.

Telegraph article by Andrew GilliganTaken for a ride by Conservative councils

Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has stormed that some of his local government colleagues are “treating the electorate with contempt” and delivering a “kick in the teeth to hard-working taxpayers”.

Telegraph article by Emma Boon: The obscene profligacy of the British government and the EU – with your money

It is quite right that the pressure on George Osborne is to get started cutting taxes sooner rather than later. With so much pressure on everyone’s finances, it is right that more money is left in people’s pockets to spend on their own priorities, and supporting their own families.

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