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In February 2012, parking hours were extended in Haslemere car parks. A note from Waverley Borough Council informs they are constantly looking at how the current parking strategy is working across the borough, and they will have 6 months’ worth of data to look at in August (6 months after the introduction of the new tariff structure).  The review of arrangements at Chestnut Avenue will be carried out by officers at that time, with a view to reporting any findings, and recommended changes to the current approach, at the next available Executive meeting. This is likely to be the October meeting, which takes place on 2nd October.

This is the wording of a petition which is being circulated in Haslemere shops.

I request a reversal of this decision because of the negative impact it has had on the Haslemere community, particularly visitors to and volunteers involved with events at the Haslemere Hall and Haslemere Museum.  Community life in the evening is an important part of the vibrancy in the town and has been curtailed by this change.  The consultation process, while satisfying the statutory requirements, was wholly inadequate and I do not feel I had a chance to object.

If you are happy with the extended parking hours, there is nothing more for you to do.

If you wish to petition to reverse the decision, the petition is available here, PETITION FOR WAVERLEY BOROUGH COUNCIL TO REVERSE CAR PARK CHARGING HOURS. Petitions may be handed in to JL Nobbs, 27 High Street, Haslemere.

Petitions are available in:

JL Nobbs

Woodie & Morris

Haslemere Travel

Sports Locker

Haslemere Museum

Haslemere Pet Company


Sheen Botanical Labels

Cockerill’s Shoes

Clayton Fine Jewellery

Carrol Boyce


The Good Fish Shop

Between The Lines

Amazing Grace


Davids of Haslemere


to name but a few shops….

1 comment for “PETITION – @WaverleyBC to reverse the decision to extend car park hours

  1. Paul M
    29/06/2012 at 14:09

    What irks me more about using Waverley’s car parks is the lack of flexibility in paying for parking. I happened to notice the other day that the station car park offers a pay-by-phone option, so I checked it out on the web. There are two companies each covering a number of station car parks in the SWT area – and – where you register your mobile number and car registration(s). When you want to park, you call/text, enter the ref number for the car park you want to use, and the car you are parking there, and the time you want to stay. The details are transmitted to the handheld devices the parking controllers carry around with them so they can confirm you have paid. If you need to extend your stay, you can call again and select how much more time you need. Simples!

    Meanwhile, in a Waverley car park, you have to pay with coins, and you have either to have the right coins, or more than you need but you get no change.

    If SWT can get itself into the 21st century, I don’t see why Waverley can’t too.

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