Paying for school drop off. Happy to be part of the ‘Big Society’ but not funding it!!!!

Dear Editor

I know that I am a simple person and easily confused. Therefore can you confirm to me the position regarding dropping off and picking up our children from St. Barts school. Do these proposals (meters) mean that we now have to pay for this pleasure? It is also interesting that as as volunteer for the school and my capacity as PTA chairman I spent in excess of 50 hours at the school per month . That coupled with my school drop offs will cost me about ¬£100.00 per month. Of course while I would like to be able to do this the reality is that I simply could not afford to do so. Therefore The volunteering that i do and some of which is very needed would stop and any fund raising would also¬† stop. the money raised for school from PTA events is now used for quintessential items that are no longer provided in the budget by the government. While i am happy to be part of the ‘Big Society’ I am not funding it!!!! I am still awaiting an answer from Mr. Renshaw regarding my question re volunteers. I would also point out that many other parents lend their time and support in the same way and these measures would simply kill any volunteering within the school which is just not acceptable in this current climate!!

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Alison Rose

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