Parking ticket issued on Good Friday in Haslemere

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Hi Nikki,

I live in Petworth Road, Haslemere. and received a parking ticket when I left my car on Shepherds HIll.

This would have been acceptable, however this was issued on Good Friday. A National Holiday and religious festival.

I have lived here for 25 years and am fully aware of the parking restrictions. I have never received a ticket and habitually park my car on Sundays and Bank Holidays

on Shepherds Hill or in the Lay-by in Petworth Road. It is difficult enough to find parking at the best of times and impossible to park near my home.

How long has the council seen fit to send wardens out on public holidays to enforce parking when the town is effectively closed?  Will they be out on Christmas Day and Boxing day too?

Perhaps the residents in Petworth Road without off street parking could be offered that facility on Shepherds Hill or in the Lay-by. After all there are very few of us?


I attach below a copy on my appeal to the parking office below.


PCN Number GU10616938


I was most surprised to have received this parking ticket on 18/4/14.

This was Good Friday, a National Holiday and an Easter religious festival!

I understand the need for parking limitations during working hours and have lived in the centre of Haslemere for 25 years observing these restrictions without issue and find it ridiculous and unnecessary that the council feel fit to employ wardens to enforce parking when the town is effectively closed. I suppose these restrictions will also apply to Christmas Day and Boxing Day assuming they fall on week days?

I find it hard enough to park anywhere near my home as it is and was never consulted during the recent ‘residents parking permit’ introductions.

It clearly is a waste of resources to enforce parking on public holidays when there is no practical parking alternative.

Please reconsider the issue of this ticket.


Kind Regards


James Ewing

International brokers of collectors cars





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