Parking permits for residents

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From: Alison Rose [mailto:removed]
Sent: 17 February 2012 10:30 PM
Subject: Parking permits for residents

From: Alison Rose <removed>

Subject: Parking permits for residents

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I now understand that some residents have parking permits allowing them to park in designated areas within their road. While I am very happy for them, it will not solve the problem of commuter parking but will simply displace vehicles throughout the rest of Haslemere.  I feel that this issue will be an elephant in the room until a multi storey car park has been built. Interestingly I am still awaiting an answer from Mr. Renshaw regarding provision for volunteer parking!

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  1. Editor says:

    Dear Alison Rose

    My understanding is that no decision has been made regarding residents’ permits. The consultation process is ongoing.

    This week, Haslemere Town Council published a local response to the SCC original advertisement here: which outlines the possible need for residents’ permits.

    Your comments have been forwarded to Haslemere Town Council.

    Regards – Editor

    • buster says:

      Dear Councillor Mulliner

      Many thanks for your clarification regarding the introduction of residents only parking. It would also be appreciated if you could confirm what provisions have been made for volunteers and community workers within Haslemere. Many Thanks.

      Kind Regards

      Alison Rose

  2. Editor says:

    Dear Alison Rose

    Councillor Stephen Mulliner at Haslemere Town Council is unable to log in so he has submitted this response for you.

    From: Stephen Mulliner [mailto:removed]
    Sent: 18 February 2012 2:56 PM
    Subject: Response

    SNM: No residents’ permits have been issued yet. They are part of the SCC proposals. Haslemere Town Council supports the introduction of Residents-only Parking in roads where it can be implemented without undesirable consequences. Details that need to be bottomed out are: need to avoid dropped kerbs, the hours of operation and whether a ROP zone should be multi-road or for one road only.

    The proposals stem from a Surrey County Council officer report in late 2010 which was revised by SCC members and then discussed in May 2011 by the On-Street Parking Task Group of the SCC Environment & Transport Select Committee. The report is well worth the read (see on and shows the thinking behind the proposals – including the complete lack of thinking about the likely extent and impact of displacement except to recognise that it would happen. In summer 2011, some roads with Residents’ Associations were then consulted by Cllr. Renshaw in private meetings which seem to have been largely un-minuted. A problem has been the emergence of differences between what some residents thought they were offered and what has been offered in the published proposals.

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