Outcome may be good for a few, but they’re a disaster for the majority & the town

Dear Editor

I have come away from the SCC Local Committee (Waverley) meeting last Friday completely bemused at the process

I am still not entirely sure of the approval process with some of the proposals agreed with what appeared to be a unanimous “agreed” from the councillors and some not. I can sort of understand the deferments not needing approval by the councillors, but some of the approvals were only approved by Councillor Frost and not by the councillors. Where a vote seemed to take place no councillor voted against, if they did how could you tell, no councillors were asked if they disagree. I do not have any previous experience of Surrey County Council meetings and I am baffled at the process or lack of it. I understand this meeting may have been a little difficult as the council was clearly trying to push through things that a majority of the people affected do not want and are willing to show their disapproval.

The removal of Pay-and-Display has completely changed the dynamic of the other proposals. The best idea in the room came from the councillor I think was Carol something (sorry I did not catch her name) who suggested that all the other proposals should be put on hold until June 2012. Her suggestion was not debated just dismissed by Mrs Frost.

I don’t know why Mrs Frost did not announce Pay and Display disbanded and the rest back for consultation for consideration in June, that would have stopped any protest in its tracks, it would have been a good solution for all, probably have made the protest look a little silly, and she would have won a little credibility. I can’t help thinking a hidden agenda must exist.

Mrs Frost has created a real mess, with the attempt to accept part of the proposals, what did she think she would achieve.  Some of the roads that have been accepted will be affected by others that have yet to be approved.

It was very clear that the Parking Team has had insufficient time to assess the impact of the removal of Pay and Display and no plan was in place, plainly shown when the head of the parking team was asked what was happening with St Christopher’s Green: – Answer after a short pause and with a blank expression – “Hmmmmm…..Residents parking on one side and…….. nothing on the other”, he was put in a very difficult position and appeared to be making policy at the meeting, “on the hoof”.

The residents at my end of Bridge Road are very angry, as displayed by my neighbour’s reaction in the meeting, all we wanted was for Bridge Road to be included in the discussions for the adjacent roads, Chestnut Avenue and Popes Mead. Now we have a situation where Popes Mead appears to have been approved and Chestnut Avenue to be approved in June. My understanding is that Bridge Road cannot now be included with Popes Mead or Chestnut Avenue and it will not be reviewed.

The solution that is now in place and the others that will be approved in June by the council is possibly the worst solution for Haslemere, totally disjointed.

Overall the outcome may be good for a few, but a disaster for a majority and the town.


Richard Oldham

Bridge Road Resident


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