Our blog haslemereparking.com exceeded 50,000 page views today

Today we reached more than 50,000 page views on haslemereparking.com in just over 7 months – with over 2,300 unique visitors.

Parking is a subject that matters to Haslemere residents.

We’ll continue to cover Surrey County Council’s on-street parking plans for Haslemere.

We’ll keep following progress on Waverley Borough Council’s Wey Hill fairground car park consultation.

We’re looking forward to more lively debate.

Thanks for reading!

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One Response to Our blog haslemereparking.com exceeded 50,000 page views today

  1. poohtoo says:

    When I lived in Christchurch in Dorset, all residents were issued (along with their council tax bills) a Residents Parking Disk. This took the form of a cardboard clock (similar to those issued with Disabled Parking Permits). One set the clock to one’s arrival time and were given 2 hours free parking – in the paid parking areas. (Actually in Christchurch this included pay and display car parks.)

    IF the council is targetting commuters and NOT residents… IF that is the case, this would seem the only fair way to deal with the problem. Not everyone in Haslemere is wealthy – a free parking disk, in with a council tax demand, is also an extremely good ‘vote catcher’.

    If this disk system were introduced at the start of a paid parking plan, there would be no loss in revenue for the council. Longer term stays/non-residents would still be paying the charge.

    * The system is fairly cheap to run: Just the cost of the disks (posted with council tax bills)

    * OR, the council could charge [say] £10 per annum for a disk, from the locality office.

    The council should consider this idea – residents should be treated differently from non-residents. It works in Dorset!

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