On the fruits of their labour that Haslemere took away

In paying tribute to Surrey County Council’s parking officers. Pat Frost, Chair – Local Committee (Waverley), therefore praises:

  • The initial Task Force Committee report. This blog has mentioned before the missing dates, authors, titles in the supporting evidence in the report.
  • The officers’ point about relying on your spouse or using public transport to get to the station.
  • The parking officer who was asked his first question in Friday’s meeting and it had to be repeated because he wasn’t listening.
  • The parking officer who asserted in the meeting that because of the high cost of car ownership it goes without saying that Haslemere residents can afford parking fees.
  • The parking officer’s claim, also on Friday, that those who commute to London are well paid and therefore they can afford parking fees. (That was in response to a question about the negative impact of car parking charges on the volunteering sector).
  • The parking officer who says, “Oh yes, that was a mistake” after a resident points out that the Parish Council’s letter of objection has been ignored.

It is perhaps worth a mention that two days before the Local Committee (Waverley) meeting, a reader sent the Editor an e-mail with two photos. Look at the time stamp of the picture. Lest we forget, etched in our minds forever:

Disappointing after their hard work we take away the fruits of their labours.


From: Richard [mailto: removed] Sent: 14 March 2012 4:33 PM
Subject: Parking


I just went to Popes Mead to assess the commuter parking that has been reported. The attached pictures are what I found.

Best regards




Editor’s update 19th March 2012. This additional photo has been submitted to support the comment by haslemerehetty below:

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  1. haslemerehetty
    19/03/2012 at 21:57

    The parking officers probably did most of the planning from their desks anyway, not wanting to miss out on the councils free canteen.

    This might have explained why a great deal of the decisions made have not really been thought through and many mistakes made.

    If they had managed to drag themselves away from ‘Google Street View’ they might have chosen to park at Haslemere Station as there were plenty of spaces. When I walked through on last Monday afternoon I counted about roughly 40 empty spaces.

    This was not school half term, or indeed unusual.

    Tip: Hey SWT/Railtrack why don’t you reduce the price of the car park after 10am so rail users actually use it to it to the full capacity? It’s not rocket science.

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